Morane Saulnier H

RC-05FR - French early aircraft 1913

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Wingspan 180 cm 71
Length 138 cm 54.3
Wing surface TAB 57.6 dm2
Wing loading TBA 63 g/dm2
Weight 4000 g 8.8 lbs
Engine .60 - .90 ci (10-15cc) 2-stroke
  .90 - 1.20 ci (15 - 20 cc) 4-stroke
Radio Min. 4-channel with 4 servos

Morane Saulnier type H

Morane Saulnier type H was designed in 1912 by the brothers Léon and Robert Morane in their plant in Vélizy, France. It became famous in the hands of the company pilot Roland Garros, especially after Garros' crossing the Alps and the Mediterrean Sea.

In 1913 it was equipped with floats and participated in the first Schneider Trophy Race for seaplanes in Monaco. The aircraft incorporated wingwarping for lateral control and had balanced all flying elevator and balanced rudder but without fin. An original aircraft equipped with le Rhone 80 hp engine, considerably more powerful than Garros' record aircraft, is on display in Musée de l'Air in Paris and a number of airworthy replicas exist in France and elsewhere.

The Model

This airplane is in 1:5 scale which makes it quite forgiving to fly with wing warping for lateral control, or it can be flown with only rudder and elevator. It is small enough for easy transport, and once used to the rigging, easy to assemble at the airfield. The model with floats is the Schneider Trophy version, and the floats are included in the kit.

Covering and finish

The model is covered with Solartex Antique and painted where applicable with black enamel. You may desire to add patina and give the entire model a coat of varnish to render the proper finish. The original aeroplane was covered with cotton fabric and coated several times with dope. This gave a translucent, very glossy finish.

The insignia are painted with Dutch Boy enamel. Same paint is used on the fuselage and rudder.

The black striping along the fuselage on some models is a 12 mm black cotton ribbon, glued to the fabric. This ribbon covers the stiching of the fabric to the fuselage.

Scale propeller

There is a scale propeller provided for static display, to be attached with a screw into the dummy engine

Morane Saulnier H

ARF AUD$ 918
MQ AUD$ 1,996
Special paint finishes, Plus $250
(K&W models 1:5 scale - RC-35FR)

Shipping and delivery times

The airplane is packed in a strong 3-ply, custom made carton. The individual parts are packed in sealed plastic bags and then wrapped in bubble plastic to ensure safe transport. International shipping is POA. Shipping within Australia is between $75 and $125 (AUD). Most in stock items can be delivered within 3 - 6 working days. Non stock items, require a build time of 2-3 months.

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